Peer-to-Peer Internet Service Using SmartPhones! Is it possible? No Data Center needed anymore?


Can we solve a big problem and eliminate data centers forever?

Data Center at a FANG company

FANG companies are spending a fortune for maintaining user data for a smoother experience and protecting users! What if we can make a system where we can create a network of the smartphones and those act like mini data centers in our pockets

There are 5.16 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today and according to the latest data from GSMA Intelligence. The total number of unique mobile users around the world grew by 128 million in the past 12 months. Billions and Billions of gigahertz of computation power are just sitting in our pockets doing just nothing and only a minimum part of the computation power is used for fulfilling daily to day work of the user.

Idea Implementation:

What is the Internet? Internet is the transfer of data from one computer to another computer located at a different location

When Data is transported from server to client the data is splitter into several small nodes and travels through the shortest path and when all the small nodes have reached the client part it all gets accumulated to produce you requested content.

Generally, all the services that we use every day some data get stored in our local machine but most of our data are stored in the data centers. Here is how the idea works.

Let’s suppose we every mobile manufacturer in the world make a change a thing in their devices if they could divide the storage into 2 equal parts where let’s say a mobile phone with 128Gb storage it would be split between 2 parts 64gb + 64gb. A user will be able to store its personal data onto the one 64 GB part and the other 64gb part will be used for acting like mini data centers and it cannot be accessed by the mobile phone user.

There is gonna be a network established where all the phones are connected with each other with a wireless connecting medium like wifi! Whenever a user uploaded some data from their phones, data would be divided into small fragments of data and different fragments would get stored in different phones mini data centers on the mobile phones near to the mobile phones from the data is getting uploaded. Now when the data needs to get downloaded the mobile phones then it asks the network to get all the fragments and the phones will communicate with each other and get all the components to the requested device ss data will then jump from phone to phone to come to the targetted phone! hence the user receiving the data.

Another way to look at it works like a file saver like let us say I want to save 10 Gb files on my phone but I don’t have additional storage for it! What we can do is that we can put the data onto the network and it will break into small nodes of data or fragments of data and store it in different mobile phones and when we need to access the file the phone will its network and all the phones will communicate with each other and try to find the shortest way to bring the fragments of data to the requested user ! the data will then jump from phone to phone to come to the targetted phone!

This is the idea………………………….


This is a great opportunity as all the data fragments are stored in different phones so, if the user is somehow able to access the data in the mini data center in the device but won’t is able to get the information because it’s just a fragment, not the data! but if this can be made then we won’t need any storage problem or in some cases, faster data access which increases productivity also this idea also comes with lots of cons like the compromised battery life of the phone as phone is always processing something , and compromised performance of the smartphone-like when playing a video game or editing and exporting videos and pictures we wont to squeeze out the full power of the chip as some processing power would be needed to process the mini data centers!

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Soumyajit Dey

Soumyajit Dey

Cyber Security Expert

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